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Clary Icon is the world’s first completely integrated collaboration solution. Now you can take your meetings and presentations to the next level. It brings together a multi-touch digital interactive whiteboard, high definition video conferencing system and a powerful Windows 7 Professional computer in one package. Its interoperable architecture allows you connect with different devices irrespective of the vendor or protocols.


  • PTZ camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics
  • Audio conferencing via built-in mic and speakers
  • Large 60-inch flat panel multi-touch display
  • Interactive whiteboard with Hitachi Starboard Software
  • Wireless tablet for remote sharing
  • Wireless keyboard with trackpad
  • Optional mobile cart
  • Windows 7 Professional and Intel Core i5 computer
  • H.323, SIP, Skype and Google video conferencing

  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Whiteboard
  • Web Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing

Claryicon Boucher PDF(download link)

Clary Icon provides professional High Definition visual communication in a cost-effective package. With so many video conferencing vendors and endpoints, it becomes practically impossible to ensure compatibility with all of them. The Clary Icon however is completely interoperable and is compatible with all the popular conferencing standards such as H.323 and SIP. Our collaboration device can also interface with consumer-level clients such as Google Talk and Skype. A built-in NAT and firewall transversal service allows video conferencing to be easily conducted with outsiders without having to worry about the network configuration.
It is both powerful and simple to use owing to its ‘plug and play’ design. A simple touch on the video conferencing icon will connect you with anyone across the globe that has a computer and an Internet connection. When you combine Clary Icon’s video conferencing platform with the unique collaboration tools that are bundled with the solution, this affords remote participates rich video meeting experiences as if they were in-room attendees.
Clary Icon sports industry-leading hardware and software to provide you with the most immersive and seamless video conferencing experience. You can remotely connect with colleagues, family and friends on any desktop, laptop, mobile device and tablet.

Clary Icon is a fully featured interactive whiteboard that supports multi-touch and other hand gestures. The best part about this interactive whiteboard is that is requires no external computer or projector to function. Everything is built-in. Powered by the worlds leading interactive whiteboard software—Hitachi Starboard—it makes sharing, presenting and controlling onscreen information a breeze. The accompanying software is packed with advanced features such as handwriting and speech recognition, conferencing facility and screen sharing between different starboard users and an intelligent shape recognition feature using the included Intellipen. The Clary Icon Starboard software sports excellent integration with web browsers and search engines allowing you to invoke different browser functions from within the whiteboard interface. To add another dimension of interactivity, Clary Icon comes bundled with Hitachi’s WT 1 Bluetooth wireless tablet, which works in tandem with the Starboard Software. .
Highly responsive Infrared sensor Advanced handwriting and speech recognition Accurate shape recognition with the included Intellipen Built-in conferencing and screen sharing capability for enhanced collaboration between starboard users Great integration with web browsers and search engines Powerful StarBoard software that allows you to present, annotate and share information Interactive business presentations and classroom lessons Navigate through Windows just like you would on a PC—with touch functionality Browse the Internet and use finger gestures to achieve tasks Share information with colleagues around the world in real time with the interactive conferencing feature. Seamlessly connect to your preferred online search engines, providing prompt information retrieval. Import frequently used documents, digital content, and motion video, enabling instant annotation. Drag and drop images instantly into StarBoard software. Instantly convert freehand notes into text with the text pen. Speech recognition.

Clary Icon was engineered with a view to bring collaboration and communication on the same platform. This enables users to conduct meetings across remote locations while experiencing the personalization and richness of being in the same room. With the flexibility of pre-installing any web-conferencing solution of your choice, Clary Icon does not bind you to a pre-selected list of software and services. Clary Icon allows you to create and share documents and spread sheets and enables multiple parties to work on them at the same time. Screen sharing offers endless possibilities for teamwork and brainstorming. Cut back on your operational expenses by meeting customers, partners and colleagues online irrespective of their geographical location. You can also schedule meetings and conference calls with remote participants.
Compatible hardware and software allows us to customize Clary Icon with any collaboration suite of your choice.
Share content using leading collaboration solutions such as Adobe Connect, Avaya, Cisco WebEx and other Cisco Video Conferencing applications, Citrix Go to Meeting, LifeSize Connections, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and Video Chat, Microsoft Lync and Office365, Vidyo, Skype.

As VoIP is proliferating, the use of voice and instant messaging is becoming the mainstay of integrated communication. Combining voice calls and Instant Messaging in a simple interface, Clary Icon helps you seamlessly transition from a traditional phone into the world of Voice over IP. Once again, the interoperable architecture of Clary Icon allows you to connect with different devices by different vendors. Our audio conferencing paraphernalia will provide you with professional grade voice communication over standard Internet connections. Simply touch the audio conferencing icon and connect with anyone with a computer or phone anywhere in the world. Whether you’re having a simple voice conversation, saying hello to loved ones or chatting with friends over IM, you’ll soon see why Clary Icon’s audio conferencing is the ultimate communications experience.
High Definition audio conferencing via built-in microphone and speakers
Works with all popular SIP compliant VOIP services
Advanced echo cancellation and noise reduction through audio codecs
Standard call features such as call hold, 3-way calling, call display, pop-up notification for incoming calls, call ignore/reject and more
Send Instant Messages to your contacts when you see they are online
Import contacts from other address books
Signaling and media encryption via TLS and SRTP
Synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook® personal address book
Access your company directory with on-demand search and LADP support
Improved firewall traversal and compliance with the latest standards (ICE, STUN & TURN) Enhanced QoS for voice calls
Record calls or conferences

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